Spain approves urgent decree to accelerate 700MHz band release

The Spanish government has approved an urgent Royal Decree designed to regulate the imminent DTT migration with a new National DTT Technical Plan so that frequencies in the 694-790MHz band can be released

MWC 2019 – LoRa Alliance: interview with CEO, Donna Moore

At Mobile World Congress 2019, we had the opportunity to interview Donna Moore, CEO & Chairwoman of the LoRa Allianceaccompanied by Marc Pegulu, VP IoT Product Marketing & Strategy at Semtech, to

Semtech releases LoRa-based platform accelerators

Semtech said it’s offering a complete bundle of development accelerators that streamline and simplify the process of developing, deploying and managing LoRa-based IoT applications. This LoRa-based platform focuses on three

STC tests 5G indoors in 3.5 GHz band with Huawei

Saudi Telecom Company (STC) and Huawei announced the first trial of indoor 5G in the 3.5GHz band in the Middle East and North Africa and the second in the world.

US Cellular to modernise network with Nokia’s 5G technology

US Cellular entered into a five-year deal with Nokia to modernise its network with Nokia’s 5G technology, software and services products. This will enable US Cellular to provide innovative services

TIM to conduct live demo of 5G network at Milan Digital Week

Telecom Italia (TIM), together with its ICT services subsidiary Olivetti, said it will be hosting a number of activities during the second Milan Digital Week to be held in the northern Italian

Czech Radiokomunikace’s IoT Cloud supports data transfer from platforms outside LoRaWAN

Czech Radiokomunikace (CRa) has added new features to its IoT Cloud, which can now process data from other devices and IoT platforms outside CRa’s LoRaWAN network. CRa IoT Cloud can

Verizon slams AT&T for using 5G network call signal

Verizon has called on the mobile industry to not use the term 5G for services until they use actual 5G hardware and radio standards. The operator’s call follows reports that

NEC, Arm to create AI-based IoT products for smart cities

NEC entered into a strategic collaboration with Arm to drive the development of secure AI-based IoT products for smart cities. As part of addressing issues related to ensuring the security

NGMN, Wireless Broadband Alliance join forces to address RAN convergence opportunities

NGMN and Wireless Broadband Alliance (WBA) published the first results of their collaboration to drive the convergence of multi-technology RANs and core networks. The joint report identifies a number of