Unitymedia certifies Cobee as LoRaWAN IoT network partner

German cable network operator Unitymedia has announced Cobee as the first certified eco-system partner for its LoRaWAN Internet of Things (IoT) wireless network. Conbee has installed so-called ‘Smart Tags’ on

Embratel and Claro launch IoT project for agribusiness

Brazilian operators Embratel and Claro have partnered with research institutes Eldorado and Embrapa Meio Ambiente on the development of IoT services for agribusiness, reports Teletime. The two operators will provide

Huawei aims to bring out 5G TV this year, become top PC producer

Huawei hopes to bring out the world’s first 5G TV this year, the Nikkei reported, adding the company also wants to position itself within the coming three years among the

Telenor Norway plans trial of Smartbjella sheep tracking collars this summer

Telenor Norway said it is cooperating with a start-up company Smartbjella to keep track of sheep via IoT when they have gone off for summer grazing in forests and mountains.

German 5G auction sticks on one particular 3.6 GHz block

Bidding for the blocks in the 3.6 GHz band of the German 5G auction has reached a total of EUR 3.2 billion, as the four competitors are stuck over the issue

Hulu grows to over 28 mln subscribers, announces new content deals

US OTT TV service Hulu announced that it’s passed 28 million subscribers, including 26.8 million monthly paid subscribers and 1.3 million promotional accounts. The company last reported over 25 million

European Parliament calls for EU action against Chinese 5G security threat

The European Parliament has passed a resolution calling for EU action on potential security threats from China’s growing technological presence in the EU. In particular, the MEPs want the European

Deutsche Telekom launches IoT Solution Optimizer for businesses

Deutsche Telekom said it has launched the IoT Solution Optimizer to provide technical consultancy and customer services for IoT solutions. The Optimizer enables businesses to improve the performance of IoT

Vodafone UK switches on full 5G in Salford

Vodafone UK confirmed that its Salford site in Greater Manchester is now carrying live 5G trial  traffic. The operator claims to be the first company in the UK to carry

Norwegian govt considers excluding Huawei from 5G network construction on security grounds

The Norwegian government could join other western nations in excluding Huawei Technologies from constructing part of Norway’s 5G telecommunications infrastructure, Justice Minister Tor Mikkel Wara told Reuters on the sidelines