Huawei says over 10,000 5G base stations shipped already

Huawei has already shipped 10,000 5G base stations worldwide, its chairman Ken Hu announced at the Global Mobile Broadband Forum in London. Hu said 5G “demand is real” and the

Mitsubishi Electric, Docomo achieve 27Gbps throughput in 5G outdoor trials

Mitsubishi Electric and Japanese operator NTT Docomo have announced they have achieved 5G mobile telecommunications proof of concept for 27Gbps and 25Gbps maximum throughputs via one mobile terminal over communication

Nokia prepares for 5G with new fixed-mobile access division, lets go of Mobile Networks chief

Nokia has created a new division that will put its focus fully on 5G. The Access Networks division will be made up of Nokia’s current Mobile Networks and Fixed Networks

Altair Semiconductor, Jig-Saw partner on LTE-enabled sensors for industrial IoT

Altair Semiconductor partnered with Jig-Saw to create LTE-enabled sensors for a wide variety of industrial IoT applications. The partnership combines Altair’s dual-mode Cat-M/NB-IoT ALT1250 chipset with Jig-Saw’s software control technology

Huawei may be banned from participating in Australia 5G roll-out

Huawei is likely to be banned by Australia from participating in a 5G mobile telecommunications roll-out across the country. Australia claims Huawei is de facto controlled by China and sensitive

Orange Slovakia starts LTE-M pilot

Orange Slovakia has started a pilot operation of its LTE-M network and its connection to the complex platform Live Object, developed by the Orange group, which will carry out data

Kerlink and SITEC Help Bring IoT to Remote Corsican Village

In an Internet of Things (IoT) deployment that shows how LoRa technology and small private networks can keep rural communities connected in the digital era, Kerlink and SITEC have helped

Orange Romania offers LTE-A speeds of up to 500Mbps in 95 cities in Romania

Orange Romania started providing customers in 95 cities with download speeds of up to 500Mbps through its 4G+/LTE-A network. The new speeds are possible thanks to the development of Orange’s

Huawei releases new 5G wireless products at MWC

Huawei released a complete range of full-scenario 5G wireless products at the 2018 Mobile World Congress (MWC). These products support all 5G frequency bands and cover different types of sites

Cisco to bring Country Digital Acceleration programme to Luxembourg

Cisco has signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with the government of Luxembourg to support the country’s efforts to remain a leader in the digital economy. The company has developed