Branschweiger selects Deutsche Telekom Connected Things Hub

Deutsche Telekom announced that its new Connected Things Hub platform has been selected by Braunschweiger Zufuehrtechnik, sorting and conveying/feeding machinery specialist. This will allow the company to automatically analyse sensor data from

Telia Estonia connects gas company Energate to its NB-IoT network

Operator Telia Estonia has connected gas company Energate to its NB-IoT (narrow band internet of things) network.  Gas-meters of the company have been connected to the network. The gas supplier

Half of companies still can’t detect IoT device breaches – Gemalto

Only around half (48 percent) of businesses can detect if any of their IoT devices suffers a breach, according to a study by Gemalto. This comes despite companies having an increased focus on

KT launches 5G mobile network service on Seoul bus

South Korean operator KT has delivered 5G mobile network service on a specially rigged bus in central Seoul, Yonhap news agency reports. The 10-seater bus allows passengers to access virtual

Digita runs LoRaWAN start-up challenge with Arrow

Finnish operator Digita has teamed up with Arrow to run the Arrow Digita StartUp Challenge and is providing participants with IoT development tools. The best services using LoRaWAN will be

Verizon slams AT&T for using 5G network call signal

Verizon has called on the mobile industry to not use the term 5G for services until they use actual 5G hardware and radio standards. The operator’s call follows reports that

AT&T plans nationwide 5G coverage by early 2020

AT&T said it plans to start deploying lower band spectrum on its 5G network in the second half of this year and reach nationwide coverage with the sub-6 GHz spectrum

Norwegian govt considers excluding Huawei from 5G network construction on security grounds

The Norwegian government could join other western nations in excluding Huawei Technologies from constructing part of Norway’s 5G telecommunications infrastructure, Justice Minister Tor Mikkel Wara told Reuters on the sidelines

Elisa supports Anicare reindeer trackers using NB-IoT

Finnish operator Elisa said that it has deployed 5G equipment in conjunction with Anicare to track the movements of reindeer in Finland and to monitor their health. Elisa provides Anicare

Huawei, ZTE face German sales injunction over AVC patent infringement

Huawei and ZTE may be forced to withdraw devices from sale in Germany after holders of video patents moved to enforce an injunction against the Chinese companies for infringing patents. MPEG